We tried a Virtual Bookkeeper… this what we came up with

Today, we are in a more digitally connected world. In fact, innovative ways have come up to shape the future of businesses. To maximize efficiency, business owners have adopted virtual bookkeeping technology to streamline their business operations. Virtual bookkeeping is the game changer and has opened a new chapter in the history of bookkeeping. The main advantage of this new revolution is that a bookkeeper is able to work with clients remotely. On the other hand; he or she is able to post financial transactions, reconcile accounts and update financial statements. A bookkeeper can either be employed by the company or work as an independent contractor. Many employers prefer to outsource a subcontractor rather than hire an in-house employee since it saves money. Any data should be held with strict confidentiality.

What to consider when choosing a virtual bookkeeper?


Say you are a dentist, for exmaple. You may want a industry specific bookkeeper. Dental office Bookkeeper should be skilled to carry out different services in businesses. They include; payroll processing, entering receipts and payments, compiling taxes, cash flow forecasting, financial management reporting etc.

Technology skills

Virtual bookkeepers should be able to use computerized bookkeeping software.

Project management skills

A bookkeeper must deliver tasks on time and understand the priorities of the various clients.


It’s important to know how long the bookkeeper has undertaken such tasks. One should ask for references of their past work.

Benefits of using a virtual bookkeeper to the employer

First, you are able to eliminate some expenses which come as a result of hiring a new employee. Secondly, the bookkeeper will use his own equipment which saves the business owner a lot of money. Thirdly; if the organization misplaces information, it’s possible to access the electronic data backup. In addition, a bookkeeper can service your books irrespective of your location.

Here is who we used:




With technology having paved the way for businesses to operate remotely, the use of virtual bookkeepers is the most cost-efficient alternative to hiring in-house employees. In addition, it’s a good way of adding value to your company. It’s recommended that you choose someone who is associated with a well-established company. Click here

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