Your Sleep Routine Should Look something Like:

Sleep has important implications on our alertness, focus, and concentration. When you have a restless night, you will almost always have difficulty maintaining regular activities the following day. Many of us suffer from various degrees of sleep difficulty. While some of us have a lot of problems with insomnia, some of us only suffer in times of stress. Regardless of whether sleep problems are the norm for you or not, these are some useful tips for getting a good night sleep.


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TIP: According to the US Army’s fitness staff you should power off all technology an hour before bed and taking a sleeping supplement doesnt hurt. 


A routine will help your body develop a natural sleep/wake cycle. Also known as circadian rhythms, this cycle can become confused, and sleep may be interrupted. A routine helps to reset your circadian rhythms. Setting a regular bedtime and waking time is the first step in resetting your natural body clock. Also, reconsider your naps. While you might need a quick nap to reenergize after a sleepless night, naps can exacerbate insomnia. If you must nap, give yourself a 15 or 30-minute catnap midday, but avoid sleeping late or going to bed early.



Exercise not only lets you burn extra energy, but it can help you reduce stress levels which subsequently improves sleep. Even just 20 or 30 minutes of daily exercise will have a noticeable effect on your ability to sleep. Just remember to make exercise a part of your daily routine. Ideally, you do not want to exercise just before bed, but you may find 30 minutes of morning exercise helps to energize you for the day.

Eat Healthy

The way you eat can also interfere with sleep. Naturally, to maintain your overall health, you’ll want to eat balanced meals and watch your calorie intake. But, there are other eating habits that can worsen insomnia. For example, avoid eating right before bed and avoid rich, heavy foods within 2 hours of bedtime. Alcohol should also be avoided right before bed. When you eat or drink before bed, you put your body and metabolism to work, and this can cause you to have a restless sleep. There are a few sleep supplements on the market that will do this for you like Vasayo’s Microlife Sleep Spray


Sound technologies can also be useful in improving your sleep. Some people find that white noise helps them avoid distractions that keep them thinking and awake. However, some sound technologies involve a combination of hypnotic dialogue with harmonies that help to quiet mental activity. These sound technologies can induce states of relaxation while reducing distressing or anxiety-provoking thoughts. There is lots of research to support calming sounds in the promotion of relaxation and sleep. Sound health pioneers are dedicated to developing sleep technologies that can be used at bedtime to promote the rapid onset of sleep.